Social Security Disability Claims for Veterans

Social Security Disability is a totally separate government agency from the VA. The requirements and criteria to be awarded Social Security Disability are different from a VA disability claim.

Dr. Valette has been writing Social Security Disability reports since 2000. And he can assist veteran’s with a Social Security Disability claim. At the present time, we are only offering SSDI claims for psychological issues and TBI.

If you are working on a VA disability claim with Dr. Valette, some of that information can be used for the Social Security Disability claim. However, there are other requirements and criteria that must be met. We will ‘walk you through’ what else is needed.

Where and how do you perform psychological evaluations?
Depending on the need for each veteran, there may be cases where a psychological evaluation and/or testing is indicated to help your claim and your diagnosis. Dr. Valette is licensed in many states and can talk with you about that as needed. If a full diagnostic evaluation is needed then you can also make arrangements to meet in a state that Dr. Valette is licensed in.

You will receive a specialized SSDI report and a Functional Impairment Assessment.

If you want to add a Social Security Disability claim to your VA claim, let us know.