Why Choose Us?

You’ve made the right decision to get help with your VA claim. 

There are hundreds of independent doctors, attorneys, and faceless – nameless claim companies that promise you results.  However, you really have no idea if you can trust what they promise, or if their nexus letter or report will win your claim.

Their fees can range from $500 to $5,000 or more.  Keep in mind, the fee does not win your claim.  The doctor’s experience, knowledge, report content, and a clear understanding of the complexity of the VA claims system will win your claim.  You do get what you pay for.

Hiring a doctor for $750, who will write you a two page nexus letter, will cost you in the end.  Your VA disability claim will get denied.  How do we know this?  Because we read these when veterans hire us after that claim is denied.  It is clinically impossible to write a strong and complete report, that supports service connection, that the VA will believe and accept, in two pages.  Please, don’t waste your time, effort, or money. 

Our fees are not the cheapest, and not the most expensive.  You are paying for our experience, our VA knowledge, our successes, and our ability to win VA claims.  You will not find another report as complete, effective, and personalized as ours. 

Unfortunately, the VA claims process is actually against you.  That’s why you are seeking an independent doctor to help you with your claim.  This is your money, and it is unfair that you have to pay to get a competent medical opinion.  But the VA is like an Insurance company, they don’t want to pay.  So you must get an expert who builds a strong case for you. 

We have reviewed thousands of VA claims, reports, and exams. 

We see why claims get denied, and we see the errors in VA exams.  

And we know how to fix them.  You benefit because of our experience.

Dr. Valette was a part-time contract doctor for VES.  He saw, from the inside, how the contract companies, and the VA, deny benefits to Veterans.  He saw how contract doctors are trained and instructed so TBI claims don’t get evaluated properly.  How secondary conditions are not investigated for benefits.  Dr. Valette fought with ‘internal review staff’ who tried to change his clinical opinions, challenged his findings for service connection, and asked him to remove suggestions for additional exams.  Remember, the contract company is employed by the VA.  Their loyalty is to the VA. Dr. Valette was fighting for the Veteran.  Eventually, VES got tired of him and let him go citing “a conflict of interest.”  Seriously?  How could there be a conflict of interest if we are there to serve the Veteran?  Again, you benefit from his experience. 

So, why choose us?

Because we know the VA system, and how to use the VA guidelines and rules for service connection.

We know the VA Contract Providers and how they work.

We know how to look for and challenge clinical errors, inconsistencies, and unsupported clinical opinions

We know how to challenge and change denied claims.

We use solid research to support all clinical opinions. 

We win VA claims!  Review the success stories on our Facebook page.

Most importantly, we get to know YOU, and your challenges, and how your injuries or trauma’s have affected your life.

All of this goes into your personalized report.  And that is why we win claims for veterans.  And that is why you should choose us.

Remember, we’re in this together.