DBA claims

Dr. Valette specializes in evaluating war trauma. 

He is sought out by attorneys for his clinical opinions on war trauma.  Whether it’s an interpreter from Iraq or Afghanistan, a contract food service worker or mechanic from Kosovo, or an Ex-Military contractor providing security in any war zone, Dr. Valette can provide a full assessment and report of the psychological injuries sustained during their contract employment. 

What is equally important is that Dr. Valette knows the DBA system and the legal requirements for a claim.  

In addition to psychological injury, Dr. Valette can also provide a TBI assessment due to blast exposure, head injuries, and concussive injury.  

Denied DBA claims are Dr. Valette’s specialty.  He can review the opposing counsels psychological report and provide a rebuttal concerning any clinical errors found in the assessment, psychological testing, diagnosis, and employment conclusions. A personal interview of the client is included in his own assessment. 

Along with Defense Base Act is the LongShore Act. Dr. Valette is able to interview, assess and provide a report for 2nd injury cases.  A psychological condition secondary and due to a covered physical injury.  

The legal standard is:  “Natural and unavoidable consequences of the injury.” This standard is a part of these evaluations.