“My rating for Dr. Valette on a scale of 1-10 with 10 the best: 
VA doctors: 0, Dr. Valette: a 10 !”
N.L., Air Force 1977

“Thank you so much, Dr. Valette! My 100% rating is being kept! I’m so relieved.”
R.G.K., Gulf War Vet

“Dr. V reviewed my extensive medical records in order to write an IMO letter for my VA appeal. I was amazed at the degree of care and attention he took. He actually read all the records before writing a very thorough and accurate analysis. I would highly recommend his company to any veteran seeking an independent opinion.”

“Dr. Valette assisted me in my VA appeal by providing an extensive detailed IMO, which included an extensive review of all my medical records and VA evidence. I would recommend his services to any Veteran who is going through an appeal or looking to see the VA gave a true and accurate rating. Dr. Valette showed a personal interest in my case and is seen in the level of dedication, effort, and time which was reflected in my IMO.”

“Dr. Valette is a specialized Mental Health professional that has a sincere concern about the well-being of the future of his patients. He emanates pride and dignity while serving those in his practice. Dr. B’s individual attention gives the client a massive sense of hope and empowers the client to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I personally have toiled for years as a Military Veteran to find a Mental Health Psychologist that is well-versed in Military and Veterans Administration verbiage and technicalities that can articulate the proper diagnosis to reach a successful conclusion for the client. Dr. Valette is a true pro who enjoys his crafts and cares for the people he serves. I wish I would have found him years ago. Thanks Dr. Valette, you are truly the best in my book.”

“I am a disabled veteran and I’m filing an appeal with the VA. Dr. Valette helped me by performing an IME for me to turn in with my appeal. He is very kind to help veterans and he reviewed all of my medical records. He found mistakes in my medical record where one Doctor wrote the wrong diagnosis, and then pointed out when a different Doctor made the correct diagnosis. I believe what he did for me will help me tremendously. I will file my appeal now. Thank you Dr. Valette, you have helped me to have a better life.”

“Dr. Valette’s IMO/Nexus Statement far exceeded my expectations! He thoroughly examined my records and didn’t miss a thing. All of his opinions were backed by undeniable rationales. The first time that I read it, a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders. Dr. Valette’s report was evident of his psychiatric expertise as well as his acute awareness of what the VA requires of this type of evidence.” 
D.P. (U.S. Army Veteran) 

“Battle Over Rating Reduction for Veteran from 100% to 70%.” 
“I had a 9 year chronological history to present to the NSO in 4 minutes. I asked the NSO why there were two diagnosis lumped together and rated as one, and if depression was a symptom of PTSD not the other way around. She firmly went on for 5 minutes to explain that the VA states that it’s Depression with PTSD. I went on to quote an expert Ph.D. (you, Dr. Valette), whose done over 20,000 evaluations that each diagnosis should be separated and rated separately. The NSO then schooled me in that you (Dr. Valette) have a wrong interpretation of the law! I got aggravated and gave her your IME report and resume to substantiate and clarify what I was saying. The NSO took almost 10 minutes to READ the entire IME and her demeanor changed completely!!! She started generating memo’s, forms, and she was very optimistic that 100% major depression and PTSD will stay. They reversed the proposed rating reduction! 
The NSO opened the hearing, well versed, by presenting “Dr. Brett Valette, a psychologist with expertise in PTSD, Cognitive problems and depression delivering a 13 page medical opinion for 100% unemployability rating.” 
She is ruling 100% for me right now! 
I will continue to refer anyone I come across that needs an IME or IMO. Thanks a million!” 

“History of Total and Permanent Rating Denied” 
Dr. Valette, 
Just wanted to let you know that I was rated 50% for sleep apnea on my appeal and also P & T as of May! I just got the letter from VA yesterday. 
I appreciated your help. Your report was what was needed! Thanks!”